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How to Wash Your Hair Properly

Not many are aware of this but there is a right and a wrong to wash your hair. When you do wash your hair properly, you will notice a much better difference in the health and shine of your hair. It is very likely that you have washing your hair incorrectly and as a result you’re not getting the really clean and healthy looking hair that we are all capable of having.

Step 1. – To start. Start off by getting your hair brush and use it to brush your hair well before you even start to wash it. Brushing your hair will loosen dirt, prevent hair breakage and keep the number of hairs in the drain to a minimum. After you have brushed, it’s time to get your hair really good and wet. It is hard to wash hair that has not been thoroughly moistened so make sure that you give your hair a good soaking.

Step 2. – Adding shampoo. Something that people often do is to use far too much shampoo when washing their hair. Usually they will just squeeze a good handful into their palm and then begin scrubbing away. This is definitely not the right way to wash your hair. First make sure that you are using very high quality hair care products (using the right product for your hair type) and just add a smallish amount to the palm of your hand.

Step 3. – The proper way to wash your hair. There two biggest errors people usually make in washing their hair are: 1). Scrubbing/massaging too hard 2). Rinsing off shampoo too quickly. After adding the shampoo, the best way to wash your hair is too rub or massage your scalp and hair gently. Vigorous scrubbing can be bad for you scalp and does clean hair any better. When you have finished lightly massaging your hair for a short period, the shampoo can be left in for up to 5 minutes for a thorough clean.

Step 4. – Rinse and Repeat. Now that your hair has had a good shampooing, it’s time to get all of that dirt, grime and shampoo lather out of your hair. When you come to rinse your hair, it’s important to give your hair a really good rinsing. While it may look like all of the shampoo has been rinsed out, there can still be plenty of product left in your hair. Once you have rinsed, there is absolutely no harm in washing your hair a second time. When your hair squeaks, you know it’s clean.

Washing your hair properly can truly make a huge difference to the appearance of your hair. The steps are simple enough, just follow the 4 steps above and you can’t go wrong. You’ll have great clean looking hair every time. And when you use very high quality professional salon hair care products, you will be amazed at just how clean, vibrant and healthy your hair can become.

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