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How To Reduce Natural Hair Loss Naturally

Is your hair loss becoming a hurdle in leading a normal life? Do you think the side effects of pharmacological treatments are just too many? Take a breath of relief because there are natural remedies which can effectively treat natural hair loss for both men and women, and they are way cheaper than transplants.

One of the basic methods I use is massaging with the finger tips on my scalp. I massage with lavender and bay essential oils thoroughly mixed with 2-3 ounces of sesame oil. Remember that you should keep your hair open for at least 30 minutes before washing off.

Surprisingly, lots of remedies do remain unknown to many people. Do you want to learn more about the secrets on how to reduce natural hair loss? It’s all about using the right ingredient the right way.

Aroma therapy makes use of distilled oils of cedar wood, bay, lavender, jojoba, lime, etc. You get double advantage of aroma inhalation and oil absorption, which in turn reduces the hair loss. Did you know that taking saw palmetto, with their anti androgen properties, can remarkably reduce natural hair loss for men with prostrate problem?

The Indian ayurveda mentions many natural remedies which make use of oral intakes and massaging oil. In a similar fashion, the Chinese formula of a blend of brahmi, aloe, honey and mulberries also have very effective results. For long and lasting results, homeopathy is a good choice even if it takes some more time to show the effect. The process of distilling natural ingredients is a characteristic feature of this method.

Be warned though, because all these methods, however good they are, will not give their full potential if your dietary pattern doesn’t include rich intake of calcium, silica and iron. Natural hair loss also depends on hereditary, which unfortunately is out of hand. Thus, it becomes even more important to maintain your nutritional intake.

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