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How To Maintain Your Communication Via Text After Your First Date

Have you just come back from a first date and are wondering when you should send your date a text message? You may have found this article after spending some time thinking and deciding to look for advice on the subject.

However, I can provide you with my best advice regarding this situation, based on my previous experience. You’ll hopefully find that it answers your questions and helps you in proceeding from this point.

Text messaging has blown up so much in the past few years that it’s hard to remember that it wasn’t even available until about ten years ago. It’s become an ubiquitous form of communication, with millions of texts sent every day.

In the days before people used text messages to contact each other quickly, most people called a day or two after a date to talk a little more and to let the other person know that they had a great time together. This is still acceptable, of course, but many people prefer the ease and simplicity of a text message to communicate after a date.

Since the arrival of texting as a major form of communication, the rules around contacting your date have changed. It can be difficult to determine the right course of action for each situation.

I think the best thing to do is send out a short text within 24 hours of your date. You can even send it the same night, but make it a quick one.

When sending this text, make it a light-hearted one – try making a joke about something that happened on the date. You don’t even have to mention that you had fun, since your date will know just by the fact that you sent the message.

By sending a message after the date, you’ll be starting a new conversation that can be continued at your leisure. You can also use this text conversation to build up to the next phone call.

When you make that call in after a day or two has passed, you should have more to talk about because of your interactions in the text messages.

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