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How To Maintain Healthy Beautiful Hair?

The secret to strong, beautiful and smooth long hair is not a trip to one of the high-class or renowned salon in town; neither is it the use of expensive hair products. In fact, the secret is to keep them sufficiently nourished and healthy.

However, too much attention, with the combination of a poor diet, pollution, air-conditioning and central heating, can make your hair miserable rather than making it your crowning glory. A regular hair care routine and timely treatment, when problems arise, is of vital importance in maintaining the natural beauty and health of your hair.

Oil is the best conditioner your hair can get. So, no matter what the texture of your hair is, frequent oiling, say once a week, keeps your hair silky and shiny. Olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil are said to have lasting effects, because all of them are Vitamin E enriched.

Things you should know What you look like is definitely the outcome of what you eat; similarly, your hair is the also the product of what kind of food you have. It is for the better of your hair that you include lots of proteins, vitamins A & B and minerals in your diet. Another thing that you need to have excessively is water. It makes your whole body, skin and hair healthier. Fish, yogurt, beans and eggs should be eaten regularly in order to maintain healthy hair.

Myth 1: Conditioner can fix your split ends. It is a wrong perception. The only way to fix split ends is a good hair trim. Conditioner cannot fully fix your split ends. If you are having split ends, it is a good to use a good moisturizing conditioner or the one that claims to repair the split ends. This can make your hair manageable.

Comb your hair well and make sure that all tangles and knots have been loosened before washing it and before applying shampoo; use warm water to run through your hair to rinse and wet it thoroughly. When you are applying shampoo or conditioner, do not use your fingernails to scuff through your hair. Massage well and gently in to your scalp with the help of fingertips and palms during regular circular motions of hands. This will help the flow of blood and will also help to keep your hair shiny and smooth.

Get your hair free from the split ends. It is a good idea to trim your hair regularly, because the damaged end can move up till the root, damaging your whole length of the hair. It is not a good idea to use hair heating appliances like blow dryer, hair ironing, curling iron and many such products, because these cause excessive damage to your hair.

Myth 4: Brushing wet hair is the best way to get rid of tangles. When your hair is wet, avoid brushing. The reason is that this can cause harsh breakage and split ends. Always comb your hair when they are half wet and half dry.

It is best to brush your hair a couple of times, drink lots of water and use oil products to maintain healthy hair. In case you are fond of using hair appliances and chemicals, it is good to buy high quality hair care products. Another thing you should keep in mind is to keep you hair clean most of the times; once in a while it is okay to have dirty hair but not on frequent basis. Shun extreme food diets.

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