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Arm Toning With Minimal Exercise

Is this a flabby upper arms joke? Nope because the truth is that you can lose arm fat without having to touch a weight.

The secret is to enter the spontaneous fat loss mode. This type of fat loss is the most effortless one out there because it doesn’t involve exercise or any extreme dietary restrictions.

It’s the easiest because you don’t have to hop on the treadmill like the energizer bunny and you don’t have to starve yourself to death. In fact, all you have to do is make some adjustments here and there and the arm fat will go away.

So here are 4 awesome tips you should consider so that your flabby upper arms begin to melt away:

1. Eat food that is labeled as coming from an “undesirable” place. You have to think outside of the box with this one, but it’s a nifty little trick. One study demonstrated that guests at a restaurant ate 500 fewer calories when given a wine with a label from an undesirable place.

2. Stick with slow digesting carbohydrates. Studies have shown that obese teenage boys will eat 621 fewer calories per meal if they’ve had slow digesting carbs earlier in the day. The slowest digesting carbohydrates on the planet are legumes and vegetables.

3. Eat a nice sized salad before the main course. If you have at least one and a half cups of roughage before the main course, you can expect to automatically eat 100 fewer calories. Studies have demonstrated this effect. Don’t drench your salad with high-calorie dressing, however.

4. Substitute saturated fat with unsaturated fat. One study demonstrated that people eat 200 fewer calories per meal when consuming olive oil versus butter. Olive oil is an unsaturated fat and butter is a saturated fat. Follow the above tips and you’ll notice a reduction in flabby upper arms with minimal effort on your part.

Trust me, the research backs this up. Losing the arm fat doesn’t have to be a never-ending uphill battle. Take action today so that you can have sexy arms tomorrow!

Now I would like to point out that exercise is still a great ally in your war against flab. You see, although not necessary, exercise can get you to your goal very quickly.

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, teaches how to do upper arm exercises for women. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her website with shake weight reviews right now!

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