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How to Get Rid of Back Acne

Bacne is a term used by people to refer to the acne on their back. Bacne is not as notorious as the facial acne variety, since bacne is usually covered by a shirt.

However, if you plan on going swimming anytime soon, you would probably want to get rid of that bacne. The methods for getting rid of bacne are similar to that of getting rid of facial acne.

There are several ways in which you get rid of back acne. However, not all remedies will work with everybody. Some remedies work better than for other people. You should keep trying different remedies until one works well for you.

Wash your back twice a day to get rid of the bacne oil. This clears the oil from your back so that they do not linger causing more acne to grow. Try not to use products that are oil based to clean your back.

You should also avoid foods that have lots of oil such as pizza and fries. Diet is an important factor in determining whether you will have bacne or not. Eat healthy and you should be ok.

Use facial scrubs to clean your bacne. The scrubs should have salicylic acid as the main ingredient since that is very helpful in clearing up acne.

In the event that your acne is too severe for other remedies, you may wish to see your dermatologist for recommendations. They can prescribe medicine that has more effect on acne.

In some cases, the dermatologist may use antibiotics to combat the bacteria. However, it is used less nowadays due to bacteria becoming stronger and less susceptible to antibiotics.

Acne may also be due to fluctuations in hormones. You may be given contraceptives to balance your hormones. Please make sure you understand the side effects before taking contraceptives.

Try not to touch or pop your pimples. This will worsen the situation by you spreading the bacteria.

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