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How to Get Rid of Acne – It Isn’t Always About Prescriptions And OTCs

While most people associate acne with teenagers, adults suffer from the various issues as well. If you want to know how to get rid of acne without spending tons of money, we want to help you today. After all, most of the treatments you find usually come with unwanted side effects like dry, flaky, and itchy skin.

So if you’re looking for a new route to learn how to get rid of acne, you probably already have everything you need. Seriously, open up your fridge and cabinets. You will find everything you need in there. Things like oatmeal, lemon juice, and various other home remedies can do the trick, and we’re going to share them with you today.

One of the best home treatments is an oatmeal mask that you can make at home. This is a good mask to apply at least twice a week. You simple cook the oatmeal and let it cool slightly then apply directly to your face. Once it’s dry, rinse off. Some people like to use dry oatmeal as a facial scrub to clear off the dead skin and clean the pores.

Oh, and we didn’t even tell you to just get out in the sun. Those rays can kill the bacteria that produces acne, and dry up oily skin. Just make sure you aren’t taking any medicine that makes you sensitive to sunlight.

Your skin needs plenty of water to stay healthy and many times people make the mistake of not drinking enough fluids. This can cause your skin to become irritated, dry and flaky which will cause breakouts.

However, we highly suggest you drink about 8 to 10 glasses a day and about 8 ounces each. If you can’t reach this goal, add in fruits and vegetables to consume everyday. This will give you an added bonus, and really help you learn how to get rid of acne the natural way.

Those who suffer from oily skin will want to utilize lemon juice. We know it doesn’t smell great, but you don’t have to pour it on. Just add a little to a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. This will absorb the excess oil from your skin.

You do not want to do this if your skin is already dry as it can cause more irritation. Taking vitamins can also help with acne as well. Vitamins E and A are best and you can get them in a multi vitamin.

Last but not least make sure you wash your face two times a day. Do so in the morning and the evening, and make sure it’s without soap. When you do this and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as drinking water, you’ll start to notice a difference.

In the end you want to know how to get rid of acne right? Well, just takes the tips we’ve given you today and put them to good use. They will definitely help. If you decide to go a different route we always recommend seeking a medical professional.

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