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How to Find the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Firstly, the preference of the bride-to-be is the most important consideration in choosing that perfect dress. The first obvious thing to do is to talk about it over lunch or coffee.

It is important that the mother would accommodate her daughter because after all it is her daughters special day. They can talk about the color or the typical style that the daughter would like. The choice would be entirely up to the mother only when the daughter is not so particular about what she wants her mother to wear.

To avoid a catastrophe, there are certain standards that should be observed, however. First of all, the bride alone should wear white. Dresses and gowns in off-white shades, such as bone or ivory, should also be avoided by the mother of the bride. Acceptable color choices would include richer hues and tones. Classic options, such as Champagne, taupe, sand, or nude tones are appropriate for mother of the bride apparel.

The plainer the color, the more embellishments the dress needs to have. It becomes a bit tricky as the dress has to be conservative yet it still needs to make an impression. For more unconventional weddings, it is already acceptable to come in black.

However, just like the rest of the entourage, mother of the bride dresses still have to go with the overall theme desired for a wedding. Matching the dress with the theme does not mean having the same shade as the entire entourage.

The mother of the bride’s gown should be conservative enough not to detract attention from the bride, but still be more prominent than the bridesmaid dresses. Current fashion may be the determining factor in the color of the dresses. In the past, vibrant colors, for example, were thought inappropriate for formal gowns. In today’s fashion climate, richer tones can be worn. Ideas are constantly evolving when it comes to formal wear.

The more important part to worry about mother of bride dresses is the style of the dress. Again, it has to be something that would please the bride. At the same time, it should be something that voices the mothers personality. If her character is very simple, they should stick to classic cuts and focus on embellishments.

For those who are more bold and daring, it would make sense to show a bit of skin. The style should also be flattering to the figure. Just like any piece of clothing, it should put emphasis on the assets and disguise flaws. It would also be practical to choose something that is comfortable especially that the mother would have to attend to a lot of entertaining to do for the wedding.

Lastly, choosing a dress that might be worn for another occasion would certainly be a practical decision. Now, here’s where the notion of a functional dress consisting of two pieces, a skirt and a jacket or bodice, is a wise one. In that case, the pieces can be worn separately with different wardrobe components.

Best Wishes on your daughter’s engagement! Now that you’re assisting in the planning of a beautiful event, you’ll also be shopping for Mother of Bride Dresses. I hope that you’ll stop by and look at some of our beautiful gowns, not only for you but also for Mother of Groom Dresses!