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How To Choose Your Summer Beach Bags?

Ok, so, that’s probably a false promise. But these are five beach bags that we really like for five different budgets and personal styles.

Fendi Zucca Print Canvas Tote Bag This is the beach bag for the girl that’s worried about being glamorous in all facets of life. If you put heels and jewelry on to go to the beach and rent the best cabana in the best location, multicolored logo’d Fendi is exactly what you need to tote your towel. And also, I would like to go on vacation with you.

Prada Plex & Mistolino Tote Bag If you’re a bonafide city girl gone temporarily coastal, this is your bag. It allows you to extend an austere Prada handbags sensibility to a venue that would normally be more casual, which reminds everyone that you are headed straight back to your urban apartment and your black wardrobe, just as soon as you get finished with that enormous drink which appears to have an entire half of a pineapple in it.

Julicy Couture Beach Cooler Tote Bag If you paid more attention to the drinks mentioned in the previous two descriptions than the bags that they were about, then this is your new best friend. Sure, there are less expensive portable cooler options out there, but that’s not really the point of this blog, now is it Plus, none of them are nearly this cute.

Diane Von Furstenberg Glazed Canvas Beach Tote Bag If you’re a fashionable 20-something on a budget Louis Vuitton Handbags but still want the coolest beach bag possible, this is the one you want. The casual atmospheres and bright color schemes of tropical places make carrying an orange, yellow and purple leopard print bag totally acceptable, andoh, who am I kidding. I’d carry it whenever.

Ted Baker Print Basket Tote Bag If your style is more classic and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bag that’s only useful on the beach, this slightly more formal option is perfect. It can just as easily be worn to a restaurant or daytime event if the weather is warm, and the ribbon-covered handles and large bow make it special.

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