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How To Choose The Right Swim Trunks

Have you ever purchased a pair of swim trunk and then get home only to find out they look absolutely wrong on you? Making sure you know what your looking for before you buy swimming trunks will go along way. Below are some tricks that will help you choose the right swim trunks.

The first and foremost thing you can do is to make sure you actually know your size and when I say that I mean know what size shorts you wear for a particular brand. Another option would be to buy shorts that have the adjustable waist.

Having the right fitting shorts is crucial to how you look in them. If your larger framed and you go with some smaller shorts, then you will look like your lying to yourself. On the other hand if your of smaller frame and have some shorts on that are too big, you will look a bit weak.

In my opinion, if your on the heavy side you may want to stick to colors that will not be to overpowering. If your fit than I believe you can venture out and go crazy on the wild patterns. This is just my opinion of course, but I strongly feel that wild patterns don’t do heavier people any justice.

Also when looking for colors be sure to stay with subtle tones such as black and brown. Anything that is bright will come off as being to bold.

Now if your buying some swim gear for the kids, then by all means by the biggest and brightest shorts you can. This will help when trying to locate them when you scan the water.

For everyone price will be a major deciding factor when shopping for swim trunks. The most opportune time to purchase any type of swim gear including swim trunks is at the end of summer or beginning of winter.

Obviously the main reason why these two time in the year are the best times to purchase swim gear is because the demand for swim gear drops off. When the demand goes, so does the price and that’s where you can really capitalize and find some smoking deals.

Bethany Bautchar has owned her own surf shop for over thirty years. Her shop specializes in Roxy girl board shorts and men board shorts. She knows a thing or two about how to shop for and when to shop for swimming gear.