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How To Care For Your Skin When You Have Acne

Many people suffer with the skin condition known as acne or Zits but while it can cause a great deal of distress, it is a condition that does have many treatments available. Skin care treatments are plentiful and research into the condition is continuing.

There are a broad range of acne skin care products available.

Those that fall into the preventative category are based around general skin conditioning. While many sufferers use these products there are even more people who just want to keep their skin clean and conditioned.

There are acne skin care products that are more specialized in there approach and are formulated to reduce and limit the amount of oil in the pores of our skin. When the pores become clogged with this oil, bacteria which can cause the problem begin to grow.

General skin care treatments also include special exfoliation products like skin peels. These work towards removing dead skin cells, reducing the possibility of pore-clogging and bacteria development.

There is a huge market for these types of acne skin care products as they don’t require a consultation with a dermatologist. Products that contain the chemical benzoyl peroxide and the naturally occurring salicylic acid are used in vanishing creams.

In case there is a reaction to the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide, dermatologists recommend that any product you use should be a low concentrations of no more that 5.5 parts per hundred. You may need to try a few but if none of them seem to be working then you would be advised to contact your skin specialist.

If you do need to see your doctor or skin care specialist then he may give you a prescription for antibiotics or special ointments. Never try to squeeze your zits as it can lead to permanent damage of your skin.

Your doctor could prescribe a hormone-based treatment to treat your skin problem. There is no longer any reason to despair if you have this skin complaint or are prone to its effects.

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