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How To Attract The Ladies

Most men hate to admit it, but they have trouble getting to first base with women (click here to find more on this). Approaching a woman for the first time is hard, you’re afraid she’ll shoot you down. If you worry less about rejection and more about connection, you’ll have a lot more success. We hope the following tips will help.

Most men who can’t get a second date are making the same mistake on every first date. The purpose of dating is to establish a connection with another person of the opposite gender on a social level.

To help ease all your problems, we have come up with some best practices and tips that will help you pull women closer to you. Who knows, you might just find the girl of your dreams.

It’s All About Confidence, Baby

A man or woman who exudes confidence is irresistible. A man who is arrogant is completely resistible. Confidence is the quality of being sure of yourself while respecting those around you. Arrogance is acting like you are the only person on the planet that matters. When you approach a woman, tell her you are interested and would like to know more about her.

Confidence is good, but if you are so busy talking about what a great catch you are, a woman is going to wonder why you have to brag. Show your interest in the lady.

After you have introduced yourself, mention some quality about her that cause you to approach her. Keep it non sexual. Refer instead to her smile or her fashion sense. Relax and smile. Don’t brag about your accomplishments. Instead ask about her and allow her to ask about you.

Bear in mind that you need to keep that calm yet sophisticated look to the dating table.

Keep Your Focus on Your Date

Focus on the woman. Ask about her interests, her job, what she likes to do in her free time. Don’t get too personal, that gives the feeling that you’re a stalker. Find out what she likes to do, and then decide on the best dating venue.

Dinner and a movie is cliched and doesn’t allow for easy conversation. Use your imagination and find a date idea that allows you to talk together. Ask about her and what she’s passionate about. If she asks questions, answer them honestly and don’t brag. You’ll know if she’s still interested and will accept a second date.

Strive to know more about your date and make her feel as if you really are sincere about getting to know her better. Compliment your date and make her feel special. Avoid looking at other girls or getting distracted by your surroundings.

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