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How Normal is your Social Life?

How Normal is your Social Life?

8 ‘weird’ things that are very, very normal

1. Not loving the preparation. 67% of women consider getting ready a chore.
2. Getting out more. 55% of women say they get invited to more parties and social events thanks to internet networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.
3. Thinking we have it better. 70% of women say their social life is better than their mother’s at the same age.
4. Being naughty no-shows. 55% admit to not turning up to a party they’ve agreed to attend.
5. Safety in numbers. Women normally go out in groups of five.
6. Family still coming first. 84% prefer spending time with family to painting the town red with friends.
7. Tactical socializing. 70% of women think going out with colleagues = more influence at work by building trust and allowing them to see how to navigate their way to the top of a particular organization.
8. Spending more on going out than food. On average, we spend $250 going out per month.

Normal in Numbers

136 – days from the average women’s life spending getting ready for a night out.
4 – Number of nights out a woman in her twenties has each week.
20 – Percentage of women excluded from laddish social events such as golf or poker.
32 – Percentage of British women who are cutting back on socializing because of the credit crunch.
8 – o’clock: the time most women go out.
60 – Percentage of British women who get drunk at least once every 7 days.