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How Much To Pay For Costume Jewellery

A lot of women and young girls simply adore jewellery and love to receive it as presents. Here is a basic guide for buying costume jewellery.

We have all seen the dollar store trinkets that more resemble something a child would want to wear. These are very cheap and usually made of plastic or cheap metal and clearly fake. No jewel thief would ever make the mistake of stealing these items. As matter of fact, most children could tell you that they are costume jewellery, especially if they have seen a lot of good jewellery.

Next you have the stuff that might look real from a distance but will still probably turn your skin orange or green. Gifts like this fall under the category of it’s the though that counts and sweet. This is not something you should try to pass off as real especially with a girlfriend. This is a gift well suited to a teenager who may only where it a few times anyway.

Some costume jewellery may actually look quite real and cost almost as much as the genuine article. This is usually gold plated and includes semi precious stones. Some may be silver. I don’t think it is worth the price you will likely pay for it. Of course that may all depend on why you are buying it to begin with. If it is for a gift them it may fool some until they take it to be appraised and then it could be quite a shock.

Costume jewellery comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices. To me it is not worth several hundred dollars just to keep up appearances however I have no doubt that many would disagree with me. I personally think most women would be more appreciative of the genuine article even if it is a smaller piece than what you can buy for the same amount in costume jewellery. There are some exceptions to this rule however.

One reason to buy costume jewellery is to prevent theft. Most people who are looking to make easy money won’t bother with it unless they think they will be able to pass it off as real and that isn’t very easy to do especially with buyers who know about jewellery. You might also go with the costume jewellery if you are afraid of losing it or if it is for someone who is known to lose items like this often. It may save you a bundle when replacing it or at least some guilt over losing it.

Jewellery can be found in any number or stores and internet sites. For a good price you may want to look on EBay. They also have shops and sites that specialize in costume jewellery for special occasions like weddings and proms. You can find jewellery you like in bulk if you need matching pieces for wedding photos or the like.

Whatever your reasons costume jewellery is abundant and easily obtained. For special occasions it may be best to go with slightly better quality than you would for everyday use. Of course even for everyday use you will want something that won’t fall apart while you are wearing it.

Most ladies love jewellery and can’t seem to own enough of it. When you are buying these exquisite items how much is too much to pay for Costume Jewellery or Designer Jewellery?