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How I Managed To Lose Several Pounds Over The Last 5 Months

Over the last five months, I’ve lost 23 pounds, and I plan on continuing to lose more. I managed to achieve such significant weight loss by making some simple changes to my lifestyle and moving towards a healthier outlook. This is the largest amount of weight I’ve lost at one time, and it’s also the longest amount of time I’ve stuck with a single diet, so I’m quite proud of myself.

I think it’s much easier to stick with my diet this time because it’s making some positive changes that I feel every day. As I’m feeling better, I also have more confidence in my diet since I know I’ll be able to stick with it for an extended period of time. Here are a few tips for achieving this kind of success with your own diet.

To begin with, I’ve cut artificial sugars out of my diet completely. Cane sugar is off-limits as well, so the only sugar I’m eating is coming from fruits and vegetables.

I’ve made the biggest effort in avoiding high fructose corn syrup, since many believe that it’s a leading cause of weight gain and diabetes.

You might think that cutting out this ingredient would be easy, but take a look at the nutrition labels on the foods in your home to make sure. It can even be found in bread and ketchup.

Exercising regularly has also helped me stick with my diet. It took some time for my body to adjust to the frequency, but I now run five days a week and striving to run longer distances in shorter times. Aside from the obvious benefit of burning calories, running also keeps me feeling great.

Third, I’ve stopped drinking diet sodas completely. I’ve researched the subject myself, and I’ve come to believe that these soft drinks, despite containing no calories, may still cause people to gain weight.

Those advocating against diet sodas claim that the chemicals in these drinks actually trick your brain into thinking that you’re consuming sugar, which causes it to react as if you had just ingested a large quantity of sugar. It’s always safer to avoid chemicals in artificial drinks and stick to water instead.

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