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How Does A Snow Clip Work And What Does It Do?

Snow Clips are pieces of metal or plastic mounted on your rooftop that allow snow and ice to drop off in small harmless sections or melt completely. Snow clips help avoid damage caused by falling snow and ice while enhancing the aesthetics of any roofing system. Normally used with slate roofs, snow guards are a practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped roof in areas that get snow.

Snow Clips are installed on/in all roof surfaces to defend against snow and ice damage. It is especially useful to install them above: entryways, walkways, and gathering spots; parking lots and drive-through areas; expensive landscaping; ground mounted mechanicals; lower roofs, valleys and crickets; and gutters and roof protrusions, such as plumbing vents.

These products are best attached with the first row of snow clips above the outer wall or most outside roof support. It is not generally recommended to install them above the overhang for two reasons. The overhang may not be structurally designed to support a snow load. Also, they need to be installed above roof areas on buildings that have an ice-damming problem. The overhang is unheated and holding snow and ice on this part of the roof will only add to the ice-damming problem. Consult with an architect or engineer if you decide to place any guards on an overhang.

A yearly roof inspection by an qualified roofing and snow inspector should be performed and all snow clips should be inspected at this time as well. Any problems with materials and workmanship should be immediately reported to the manufacturer. Different types of guards need to be checked for different things. Pad-style clips, for example, that are attached using an adhesive should be checked to make sure that each one is intact. Also, inspect around the perimeter for a water tight seal. Remove and reapply any areas that are no longer waterproof and you should also check for slippage or pealing of the tape.

For pipe-style guards that are fixed firmly to roof deck you should again check each year to ensure assembly is intact and in good condition. Next examine all fasteners in the roof deck wherever possible. Inspect any related waterproofing and replace or repair as needed to be certain of roof integrity. If any tubing shows any other evidence of failure or damage, contact the manufacturer right away.

Snow clips can be a great way to protect your home and family from the elements so contact a local business today and find out more.

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