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Have You Heard About These Bruising Myths That Don’t Work?

Getting rid of bruising can be something that leaves you feeling stressed and drained. Plenty of us have to deal with bruising, but if you find that you cannot explain your bruising, or if it happens due to light bumps, you just want to get rid of them ASAP.

Even if you are able to find some great treatment that claims to get rid of your bruises overnight, there are at least as many unproven old wives’ tales that don’t eliminate bruises and can even cause worse bruising in the future. You need to make certain that your bruising cure information is correct.

Heat as a bruise treatment is a myth. Leave the heat off of your bruise. Heat is going to make the blood vessels swell, and that leads to increased blood flow. Heat will help your body circulate more blood to the area, and that is the last thing that you want to happen with a new bruise. Instead, why not put a cold pack on the bruise to encourage clotting?

Understand that a bruise is caused by small blood vessels breaking just beneath the skin. If you increase blood flow to the bruise, it will become darker and more noticeable. Adding heat to a bruise will likely cause it to become bigger.

A second myth that has been widely circulated says that onions can help heal bruises. Someone’s grandmother might have stated that cold slices of onion can help cause bruises to vanish, but you’re better off saving the onion slices for your sandwich. Putting onion on your bruise will only help you to smell like onions all day. The cold from an onion slice might provide some marginal help, but use a cold pack instead. While using an onion slice probably can’t make your bruise any worse, it absolutely is not going to help make your bruise any better. Spend your time trying to find a remedy that can really help.

Another story that manages to hang around is that milk will help you heal a bruise. Milk is great for building strong bones, but it does nothing for your bruise at all. Milk should be used on your insides not your outsides, and though the lactic acid in milk can be good for your skin, it will not help your bruise. Milk, butter, and cottage cheese have all been suggested as bruise cures, but keep them in the kitchen instead.

Understand that Orajel and other similar over the counter products are part of a mythical bruising cure and are not going to provide any substantial help with your bruising. Even though pain and swelling reduction are part of their purpose, they are not designed as a bruise treatment. Even though they may supply some pain reduction, you should still seek a solutions designed for bruises specifically.

Everyone has a story about how to cure a bruise. Since we all bruise differently because of our unique bodily differences, it will take time and effort to find a cure for our individual bruising. We can be certain that we can find a cure that is right for us.

Trying to reduce bruising easily rather than trying to rely on some down home cure after the bruise has occurred is a path most folks would find more reasonable. If you consider an all natural supplement program like Bruises Be Banned, which has repeatedly proved that it can help prevent bruising altogether, you will most likely be more satisfied with your results.

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