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Handcrafted Vintage Button Jewelry, From Past To Present

Jewelry has signified adornment and has been in vogue via the a long time. Generally there is really no distinction between costume jewelry, and vintage or “antique” jewelry, unless the actual antique jewelry posses a rare, precious or semiprecious stone or gem quality. What we understand to be costume jewelry came into existence in the mid 30’s.

Antique jewelry can be defined by many as being at least 50 years old; hence, costume and antique can be two of the same. What we have been accustomed to know as costume jewelry, was first welcomed as a cheap, disposable accessory, worn with specific outfits, but surely not meant to be handed down to family members. It was meant to be in vogue for a short period of time, outdated itself, and then be discarded for the next new outfit and the next cheap piece.

Paste along with glass jewelry was discovered in the 1700’s. Any time it was picked up by the upper class, they experienced their particular finest jewelry using paste and glass stones for a number of explanations. In the mid eighteen hundreds, and the expansion of the middle class, there had been all types of jewelry being produced utilizing precious and semi precious gemstones, while fine jewelry continued to be made. This was a way they could all to use the fine jewelry of the day, be it fine or a fine copy!

The handcrafting of jewelry items has always had a huge following. Styles of yesteryear are presently very fashionable, with many old designs being copied. Handcrafted vintage jewelry exudes quality with its designs, weight, and brilliance of materials.

When you couple vintage jewelry, with handcrafted designs and buttons of days gone by, you have one of the most unique, fun, fashionable, high glam accessories out there! Handcrafted vintage button jewelry combines the intrigue of the old, with the hip feeling of the new. The vintage elements give you the quality of days gone by with the brilliant stones, quality settings, bold colors, and unique design.

When buttons that are worked into the pieces, they give the piece the eclectic, one of a kind uniqueness that we all long for! The newer beads with their shapes, colors, and textures make the piece one of your most powerful! Handcrafted vintage button jewelry combines all of the elements that we women live for! It’s an artful adventure, a scene stealer!

When you purchase a handcrafted vintage button jewelry design for gifting, you are giving a truly unique, thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting imprint on the recipient. The one of a kind design is meant for those who are truly passionate about fashion. The eclectic feel to each piece of handcrafted vintage button jewelry will leave you longing or more! Each piece wakes up and brightens your day, proving that fashion can be fun!

Handcrafted vintage button jewelry is truly buzz worthy, giving the wearer exactly what she wants for that grand feel that we all crave! Go ahead, admire your style with handcrafted vintage button jewelry!

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