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Hair Care Tools You Need For Stunning, Healthy Hair

You can find a tool for every task which could make life easier for you personally, whether this is a stove to heat up food or the cell phone to help keep you in contact with the remaining world. In the world of hair care however, there are so many products that sometimes, this is a hit or miss as to whether you have the perfect tools for your beauty regiment. And since each person and their hair is different, what works for you will not work for someone else. So if you are a little lost in this world of hair care, listed below are some of the basics that will get you through:

Brushes and Combs

Having a head of wet hair, you must never, ever work with a brush of any kind, especially if you have tangles. The brushes will grab at your hair, tearing or breaking it, causing split ends and other damage. Only a broad toothed comb will suffice. Your hair brush is an important part of your beauty routine. There many types of different brushes that achieve different hair styles, based on their use.

Bristled round brushes will often be used for all those with curly or wavy hair that they wish to blow dry their hair straight.

A paddle brush is great for every day styling and is suitable to people who have long hair.

A vented brush is great if you’re in a hurry to dry your hair. They have a vented head that allows the heated air from your blow dryer to pass through the brush to dry the hair.

Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, and Straightening Tools

Hair dryers have the power to fry your hair if you are not diligent about using the tool properly. The air flow needs to be constantly moving, rather then centering on one location. When that happens, damaged hair is the result. Hair dryers have attachments like diffusers which will distribute the heat in a wider area to avoid damage. There are also hair dryers that use negative ion technology to cut the drying time in half and with less damage.

Curling irons and straightening tools also have the power to damage your hair. Choose these tools wisely by selecting ones that have various levels of temperature control as well as automatic shutoff mechanisms in case you forget to unplug them. For an optimal performing curling iron or straightening tool, go with those that are made with ceramic technology. Ceramic is less likely to burn your hair and it will even provide some conditioning as it heats your hair into shape.


Your scalp should dictate what kind of shampoo you use. If you could have dandruff, you would need something specific to that condition. Oily or dry hair also dictates what type of shampoo to use. You need to shampoo each time you wash your hair to eliminate the dirt and other pollutants that you might pick up in the course of your day. Be careful and try to avoid any shampoos that have any kind of alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol can dry out your hair.


There’s some debate as to whether you even need conditioner. For the most part, you do, unless you have super fine hair that looks lifeless when you start using a conditioner. Hair care products, brushing, drying, curling and straightening your hair can be damaging, not to mention colors or perms. A conditioner can replenish and protect your hair from these damaging elements. To avoid oily or dull looking hair on the crown of your head, only apply conditioner to the length of your hair and avoid the scalp.

Hairsprays and Other Styling Products

A few decades ago, hairsprays had the power to eat through a hole in the ozone layer. These days, they are more environmentally friendly without harsh chemicals. The hairspray of today can protect against humid conditions and even the sun’s harmful UV rays. There many types of formulas based on what styles you hope to achieve.

Mousses, gel and shine serums are great for all those people who have problems achieve a smooth finish without compromising any bounce and body in their hair. If you could have fine hair, mousses are light and work best for the hair. With thicker heads of hair, gels work the best. Shine serums are for those people who have dull looking hair, even when it is clean. Shine serums can also sometimes perform double-duty as a frizz controller.

When in doubt, talk with your stylist about what products would best suit your hair. Ask questions each time they use a different product in your hair to achieve a certain look. They can guide you through that confusing maze of hair care tools.

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