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Hair Care Secrets

Although our elders have taught us so many tips on hair care and hair management, we are apprehensive about following them because we think that they are old theories and many modern products have emerged and so it is better to try them. Sometimes by trial and error we realize that the so called magic of the new products are an illusion. It is always better to use nature’s gift for hair care. After all no body likes thinning hair and balding scalp and we all want that lustrous hair.

Markets are continually being flooded with hair care products like shampoos, hair gels, conditioners. They do have their side effects because they are made with chemicals that may harm the hair roots. Hair loss especially premature balding can be distressing for anyone. Hence people desperately switch from one hair care product to another not realizing they are making the situation worse. Sometimes you need to give time and understand what type of hair you have and how to treat it. Consulting a doctor is always a good idea because if the loss is due to underlying medical issues, it can be reverted by treating it.

Natural salons and spas and also naturopathy doctor’s advocate homemade remedies for treating hair loss because they contain no harmful chemicals. Natural hair care is the best way to maintain hair and prevent hair loss due to unwanted chemicals. Keeping yourself relaxed and free from stress, balanced diet and exercise are ways to keep hair health. Applying coconut milk and massaging the scalp is said to stimulate the scalp and prevent hair loss. It also has a soothing effect and hence helps to relieve stress.

Natural hair care tips suggests that using dried gooseberry powder with oil and massaging on the scalp gives a shine and is one of the best natural hair care tip to keep hair black .

Healthy nutrition and diet is important for hair care. Dry care is often caused due to unhealthy food habits. Under nourished hair roots makes the hair dry and break. Natural hair care remedy for dry hair recommends weekly conditioning of hair. Egg yolk or yogurt with honey and coconut milk applied to the scalp conditions the hair well.

To maintain regular cleaning and to keep hair healthy hair care products like shampoos are necessary to remove the dirt and sebum. Herbal shampoos and conditioners’ are available in the market and are considered safe as it contains natural products.

Organic hair care products are a smart choice for you next salon hair care shopping trip.