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H2o+ Sea Plankton Shampoo Soft Hair Minus The Oily Residue

Do you have brittle fried hair? Do you want your hair to be soft and smell so good people catch you sniffing it all day long? Do you want soft hair without the greasy buildup of a conditioner? I have found the product that does all this and is Eco Friendly as well. H2O+ Sea Plankton Shampoo is amazing!

Ingredients include Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B, Sea Plankton, Algae Extract. So as the name suggests Sea plankton is actually in the shampoo. It is recommend for over styled, over processed hair and to aid colored hair retain its color. However, I think this shampoo is great for any hair type.

It cleanses away oils and styling aids while helping to strengthen and restore hair’s resilience, bounce and softness.

Helping colored hair hold its color longer and natural hair to have more of a shine. I have used this for a month or so now and love how soft my hair feels.

No need for a conditioner with this shampoo. If you have oily hair this is gives the perfect balance between having soft silky hair minus the weight and oil. If you have dry hair a light conditioner will break up the tangles. I have finally found a balance where conditioner is no longer a necessity.

I knew I had to write a review about this shampoo after I caught myself sniffing my hair one day, and smiling, after a fresh wash with the Sea Plankton Shampoo. It was like something out of a movie yet there I was doing it. The smell is light, airy, fresh, with a tiny bit of perfume smell. It is hard for me to describe, other than yummy. You may want to buy your soon, because H20+ has discontinued this shampoo! Isn’t that the case with every good product?

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