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Guy Harvey Fishing Shirts: Wear Them Proudly

For a shirt that tells the world what you love most to do, look to the well-known Guy Harvey Fishing Shirts. No one will ever doubt your enjoyment of the sport, or perhaps an ocean landscape. Take advantage of a range of images to reflect your particular favorite. Each is printed on the back of your shirt.

Children, men and women all enjoy fishing. That is why fish-related shirts need to come in a range of sizes and styles to suit them all. Try a polo shirt for special nights, perhaps with a marlin leaping from the sea. Give the active man a shirt made to move with his body. Red snappers swing their tails behind them, their scales a vivid shade of pink. Children love to copy mom and dad, so they can wear what you wear, just in a smaller size. Adults can choose from small to very large, perfect for wearing over layers of other clothes while fishing right after the thaw.

Fish are not the only features of ocean life. Bridges, fishermen and more represent life on the sea and the backdrop to the lives of our fishy friends. The boats we sail to find and catch or merely admire them vary too, so you can expect to find commercial vessels or even speed boats depicted. Etchings make for quieter versions of the craft, black against muted tones.

Look for designs geared towards a new generation too. These shirts feature more Guy Harvey artistry. One difference is the subtlety. Go for silhouetted fish or a smaller image set apart near the shoulder.

Even find your angler a camouflage style shirt to help him blend in with his sporting background so the fish cannot see him. Faceless fish such as sea trout or tuna form a pattern against an background of khaki or sand. Support the flounder industry with a special shirt to show your colors, or sport a shirt with a catchy phrase telling people you are headed for Stingray City.

Colors available include a number of blues, such as aquatic, navy and marine. Go for a dark, cardinal red or something pale, like a lime, white or yellow. Neon colors include lime, orange, pink and blue. A line for women features colors such as white, yellow, blue and two shades of pink.

Tee-shirts feature short sleeves and crew necks for a casual look. Find the Guy Harvey signature on your pocket or opt for pocketless. Certain shirts give you the choice, such as the Bull Dolphin. The Billfish Slam has no pocket. A button down polo shirt makes a change from loose or active, fitted tee shirt for a dressy alternative.

Your Guy Harvey shirt also supports the environment through an Ocean Foundation set up by the artist. Purchase it from his Florida shop where other items are available, including ties, hats and shorts. Make up a Fathers Day, Christmas or Birthday package with a fishing shirt, glasses, even a Harvey clock. These are high-quality, pre-shrunk, one hundred percent cotton clothing items.

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