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Grow Longer Lash With Quality Eyelash Growth Products

It is natural to be unhappy with short eyelashes that keep falling fast. But kudos to technology for developing well tested natural treatments of re-growth of eyelashes. Before foraying forth it is however useful to know what causes short and sparse eyebrows.

If you do not have naturally short eyelashes but they are becoming thin or sparse, it could be due to over use of eye make up. Cosmetics contain chemicals and however safe or hypoallergenic they may be, constant use and careless removal of make up will result in adverse after effects. Leaving on the eyeliner or mascara overnight will make the eyelashes weak and may also cause eye infections.

Eyelashes can become sparse and brittle due to prolonged use of eye make up and careless removal of it. Inferior quality mascara, eyeliner also affects the eyelashes and may cause eyelashes to fall. One should be very careful while using eye make up since the eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and bad quality or expired eye make up can cause irreparable damage to them. Indiscriminate use of false eyelashes also makes the real eyelashes brittle as the glue may be reactive or the weight of the false eyelashes may cause breakage of the real ones.

Re-growth of eyelashes is only possible if any kind of eye cosmetic and false lashes are not used until the original eyelashes regain health. The follicles of the eyelashes are similar to those on our scalp and have to be handled with equal tender care. For a certain stretch of time the eyelash conditioners require to be applied each night. This causes the eyelashes to be nourished.

A diet rich in Vitamin C and E is also helpful. Amongst eyelash regrowth products, Lilash has supposedly given good results, besides not causing itching or irritation as may be the case with certain other products.

A good diet rich in vitamins C and E is also beneficial. The eyelash hair follicle is similar to the ones on our head and if we wish to possess nice thick eyelashes, we must lavish the same care on them as on our hair.

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