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Green Screen LA Technology

Were you ever curious about how special effects in movies are made? How do filmmakers recreate the magical arena of Hogwarts or conjure a pre-historic earth? How do filmmakers mix CGI with real life action shots? All these movie wonders have been made feasible by the green screen. It is also known as chroma key, blue screen, and color separation overlay ( CSO ). Without the green screen LA technology, which is utilized in studios all around the great town of Los Angeles ( Chroma Key technology ) many remarkable films would not be made. Moviegoers will be stuck with dull pictures with poor, little, or no visible effects at all . Without the chroma key, many probabilities in movie-making would still be in the dreams and imaginations of filmmakers.

These screens works by putting 2 pictures together. The solid background color is replaced by an exact background that’ll be seen in the final cut of the motion picture. Way back then, in the 1930’s, blue was the color of choice among filmmakers. After this, it was also used in many Technicolor films. One of the first pictures that used the chroma key was the screen adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s popular short story, “The Old Man and the Sea.” The rest is history. More and more films were created with the aid of chroma key technology. It eventually spawned many cinematic inventions that made film making what it is in the modern day. For example, the Chroma Key screen is not used only for changing backgrounds. Scenes are shot behind the screen so it would be easy to add visible effects like CGI.

For instance, in the film Lord of the Rings, the actor who played Gollum wore a body suit that was an identical color of the Chroma Key screen. Sensors were attached to the suit to maintain a record of his movements. The CGI rendering of Gollum’s character is then put over the green suit, and the sensors make it appear like a real live creature is moving. Then, an honest to goodness background is added to replace the green screen. All in all, the Lord of the Rings universe was created by CGI and the green screen!

The utilization of the screen became popular when advanced film making appliances were made and developed. Instead of blue, green became the new color of choice because it is much easier to manipulate. It does not need complicated lighting, it creates less sound, and it makes clear lines which makes it better to work with in post-production. This is why today, green screen LA technology is the favorite tool of many filmmakers and is utilized in studios all across the town of LA.

Although giant movie studios and production homes are famous for making use of green screen LA technology, it is actually simpler to access than folks think it is. Even filmmakers on the cheap can make their own screens. With the correct materials, creativity, resourcefulness, and guts, anyone who needs to make a decent motion picture can make a DIY green screen. Now, big budget films can now be duplicated by anyone who has a creative mind. Any studio materials or rentals you need can be easily found in L.A.

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