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Great Sound For A Small Budget – Sound Proof Headphones Review

If you are out of range, you get some chopping and then the signal drops off. I prefer this to the hissing I would get using the analog 140.

I red some comments before I bought them that they are difficult to pair – I didn’t find that at all. In fact, as soon as powered up the transmitter and put the batteries in, they came right on! You will venture forth into a new world of audio pleasure. If the Sennheiser RS-180 was a painting it would be a masterpiece by Kandinsky or Dali; a sculpture, La Pieta via Michelangelo, a song, something by Lennon & McCartney. SACD were demoed both as 2-channel & Multi-channel. The initial impression with the RS 180’s is their extreme musicality. Every time you take the earphones from the charging cradle you have to synch the earphones to the cradle. This is an annoyance.

Ah, I get it, customer meaning I have to customize the product. I bought these for work (at home.) I wanted something wireless, of decent quality with good range. They do not dwell on the surround sound capability. But, I have found the surround sound to be incredible. Everything considered I would recommend this headset highly to anyone! I bought this wireless headphone system to use while watching TV late at night, so I won’t wake my spouse who sleeps upstairs above the TV room. The two wireless signals seem to work just fine at the same time. I’d rate these A- (4.5 out of 5) as far as wireless headphones go, and probably B+ (4 out of 5) out of any kind of headphone out there. If they’re in a completely different room with a closed door, you might be able to. I haven’t heard any complaints about that, but lifting them off my head, I can tell they’re definitely broadcasting the music outwards quite a bit.

They work fine out on my front porch, though. I’ve used them in all the rooms in my apartment without any issues, including my kitchen which has metal cabinets.

The only “real” problem I’ve run into so far has to do with the charging time. They’re supposed to be fully charged after 18 or 20 hours if I remember correctly. Cost is about four times what my Grados cost, and even a few times more than some of the less expensive Sennheiser models. The manufacturer commented on the review below. Both the 180’s and 130’s are open, so this is not explained by some type of closed environment in the 130’s. It is something with the technology of the 180’s that creates a slight delay in sound transmission.

I previously had the black over the head earphones that cost about the same. They’re really targeted at reproducing the mids. infrared wireless headphones. Might have given five stars if it weren’t for this. The bass is good although not ear-thumping. Wireless Headphones Review.