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Give Your Wardrobe An Update With 2010’s Trendsetting Styles

Every year the fashion designers come with new looks that is hot for the current year. Vogue, Elle and Fashion week give women an idea of what to look for when updating their wardrobe. In this article we will discuss what is all the rave for the year of 2010.

Boy Shorts – Not just known as undergarments anymore. While trendy fashion of boy shorts are a little bit longer and offer more covering than the underwear – they are still pretty skimpy. If you have the legs or plan on working out to be prepared for the summer – you will want to strut your stuff with boy shorts. There are two major styles that are hitting the fashion shows, right below or at the belly button and the high-waisted boy short. Another similar style is the hot pant that is semi-tight and hugs the curves. If you want a looser albeit longer style, tap pants are also extremely popular.

High split dresses is a fashion that repeats itself from history. These dresses are back in demand. Your micro-mini is out and the flowing long dress with a sexy thigh-high split has replaced it. This has sure been a success at the Versace fashion shows. The fabric not only flowing but airy too and this gives a Grecian feel to the dress. If you are looking for something to make people go “wow” get yourself one of these dresses.

Futuristic – You see it everywhere, from Avatar to Lady Gaga and more – future is in. This year fashion designers are making bold new steps in creating clothes that give off a robotic and sci-fi appeal. You will notice fish scaling, sharp metallic and exaggerated shapes in the clothing. One look that is extremely popular in this sub-set is the ‘Future Warrior,” which adds a mix of future, tribal and military fashion for the strong and confident woman. For those who are not seeking such a show-stopper look there are many elements of the futuristic look that can be implemented into your outfit.

Military fashions are big for this year with many people wearing them. Think how the men’s uniforms but with a feminine touch for the women to wear. A dress with sleeves is spiced up a little to make it more modern and hip. Take the long dress of flowing-army-green material and add that special military tailoring to it. Jackets and coats for this year honor those in the military with style. Add a pair of aviator or shearling boots to top off the ensemble for this trend. If you like the sound of this trend you only need to think green.

Playsuits give you fun, playful outfits to wear and show off to everyone in 2010, these are known as rompers or jumpsuit by some too. These are all one piece and are popular with a number of women (you could love one too) as there are a variety of designs for you to pick from. You could choose the hot-pant playsuit to have two great trends in just one outfit. No matter whether you want a little or a lot of coverage you can have lengths from the knee down to full length. Tailored, airy, sporty, loose, this look will definitely inspire.

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