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Getting Rid of Angular Stomatitis

One of the most annoying skin conditions that affect the mouth comes in the form of angular stomatitis. This is one of the many rheumatoid conditions that can affect your body, and it specifically attacks your mouth and lips. It is characterized by the appearance of painful sores on your lips that can crust over and sometimes develop into ulcers. These sores can become extremely painful and can also be quite embarrassing. In many cases, these sores can form along the corners of your mouth.

This skin disease is often caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. The condition can be worsened by the accumulation of a significantly large amount of saliva along the corners of your mouth. Angular stomatitis can affect any male or female at any age. Even if you think are at the peak of your health, it is still possible for you to suffer from this type of skin condition. Wearing dentures can raise your possibilities of contracting this skin ailment.

If you are able to identify the signs and symptoms of this skin disease at an early stage, you have good chances of clearing yourself of this skin ailment in just a matter of days after having yourself checked by a doctor. It is important that you follow the recommended treatment regimen from your doctor so that this skin condition can be completely treated.

In many cases, treatment for angular stomatitis comes in the form of topical anti-fungal creams or topical steroids. You simply need to use the recommended cream within the prescribed period and with the prescribed amount and frequency, and the skin condition can clear up pretty quickly. Sometimes, treatment can also come in pill form. Your doctor might prescribe you with oral anti-fungal medications that you will need to keep in your mouth until they dissolve. After the sores disappear, it is recommended that you continue the prescribed treatment for at least 48 hours to keep the infection from coming back.

Should you continue to notice signs and symptoms of angular stomatitis, it is best that you go back to your doctor so that he or she can further evaluate the root cause of your skin condition. Sometimes, your doctor might require you to switch to another toothpaste brand or to use other brands of cosmetics. Your doctor might also ask you to begin taking vitamin supplements to help keep the condition from worsening.

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