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Get My Ex Back! Here’s How To Get Your Lover Back!

There are few things which are tougher than going through a breakup; except for trying to get back with your ex following a parting. You have to take each step carefully – one mistake could mean your chances of ever getting back with him or her are over for good.

The steps which we’ll go through here may seem all wrong to you at first, however, many of the things which may feel right to you are actually exactly the wrong way to go if you want to have a chance of salvaging your relationship. When you feel like calling your ex, thats when you should avoid this by all means. When you want to spill your guts, this is when you need to keep your cool.

Remember – while these techniques may not seem to you like the right way to go, they have been proven to work again and again.

Counterintuitive Technique #1

You have to begin by accepting the breakup. It can be tough to acknowledge that you have been dumped and youll more than likely have to fight with yourself to come to terms with things.

You need to accept things as they are; this will let you give your ex the space he or she needs to miss you and come to respect you once again. At the time of the breakup, theyre more than likely upset with you and if you pester them about getting back together, this can sink your chances of ever getting them back.

Strategy #2

Secondly, you have to cut off all contact. You may think Im completely off base here; you may even be thinking about leaving this page – just hear me out. This technique really does work! The space helps you and your ex to both step back and get a clear head – and your ex may start missing you in the meantime.

You both need some time and some perspective. This time apart will also get you ready to take the third step.

Technique #3

The next step is to engineer an opportunity for you and your ex to reconnect with each other. This is more complicated than it sounds and there are a lot of intermediate steps which you have to follow.

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