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Four Types of Elegance Right Hand Rings

Definition of Right Hand Rings

Right hand rings are referring to rings that worn on the right hand. Right hand rings also can be called as showy ring. There normally are diamonds or ruby rings. The most popular right hand rings inclusive of right hand diamond rings, white gold right hand rings, gold right hand rings and etc. For your knowledge, 4.5 million of right hand rings were sold in 2006. However the sales of right hand rings are increasing every year. Jewelry industry set each October as ?The Right Hand Ring? month.

Right Hand Rings and Woman

Right hand rings are the ?must? item in every jewelry boxes. However they are the best body decorating accessories for women. The can make women looks more charming and attractive every minutes and seconds. Thus right hand rings also shown the financial independence of a woman. They are the sign of status and power.

Gothic Right Hang Rings

People misunderstood that right hand ring should always look elegant and gentle. However they are many types of right hand rings that are interesting and fun. Two best example of this gothic jewelry are black widow spider right hand ring and green lizard right hand diamond ring. Both rings look a little bit scary but fun. These types of right hand rings are the best body accessories for Halloween party.

18k Yellow Gold Right Hand Ring

This aquamarine diamond right hand ring set in 14k gold. The aquamarine stone is in oval shape cutting. The diamonds are in green color; however they are also available in pink and yellow. They are also 14 round diamonds surrounded the open top of the ring. They are sold at the price of $499.00.

Citrine Diamond Statement Right Hand Ring

This marvelous right hand ring is crafted with 14k white gold. They are a citrine in the center and adorned with few sparkling round cut diamonds. The stone of these right hand diamond rings are in oval cut. Whereas the diamond of these right hand rings are in pave setting. The weight of these right hand rings are 8 grams.

Two-tone Gold Flower Diamond Right Hand Rings

This is a 14k gold white and rose gold right hand ring. They are constructed with 1 pairs of sparkling diamonds and pearl. These right hand diamond rings are the perfect collection of your winter season. The diamonds are in round cut and prong setting. The right hand ring weight is in 2.5 gram.

18k Marquise White Gold Right Hand Diamond Rings

This is also a 14k gold right hand ring. The gorgeous white diamonds combine with the 14k white gold make this right hand ring a sophisticated one. The style of these right hand diamond rings are as statement rings. These right hand rings are quite heavy. They are about in 9.5 gram of weight.

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