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Four Common Reasons Your Teeth Become Stained And Yellowed

Arlene had always been self-conscious when she smiled because her teeth were out of alignment and crooked. Being one of ten children prohibited the availability of any money for care when she was growing up and she had always found other places for her money once she was out of the house and earning her own way. But Arlene had lately been having extremely painful headaches and her bottom teeth had become very sensitive when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. She reluctantly consulted a Fort Lauderdale dentist who told her that he could help with both her headaches and could correct her crooked teeth at the same time by means of braces that were virtually undetectable. Although Arlene had not considered herself a willing candidate for Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentistry services when she made that original call, she was pleased to discover that she was going to be able to alleviate her painful symptoms and get the make-over effect she so desired.

Another common problem that drives people to a mouth specialist is teeth that are yellowed and stained. This is an unattractive problem for lots of people and there is now several acceptable ways of eliminating stains and whitening teeth that is being commonly offered through your provider. It is always a good idea to prevent these stains whenever possible however and the most frequently found habits that are blamed for staining teeth are:

Smoking: Cigarettes are responsible for yellow stains caused by the nicotine they contain. Everyone has seen this staining on the fingers of people who continue to smoke and have been aware of yellowing of the teeth as well. Even routine cleanings by your doctor will be unsuccessful in eliminating all of this yellowing and a professional treatment is always recommended. Because smoking cigarettes are a health risk as well, it is best just to avoid this kind of activity all together.

Coffee, tea, soda and red wine: Drinking any of these deep colored drinks can discolor teeth over time. A good preventative technique is to brush your teeth very well after consuming any of these beverages but you cannot always accomplish this task. Chewing gum that contains no sugar may help in cleaning teeth at least to a small degree until a more thorough brushing can be applied in a minimal way until a better job can be done at home.

Medications: Some medications are known for discoloring teeth particularly in young people. Antibiotics are a recognized problem and together with a high fever in children makes them particularly susceptible to stained teeth. There is no means of preventing this sort of damaged teeth.

Aging: Another hard to prevent cause of stained or yellowed teeth is the effects of aging on the teeth themselves. As we age, our teeth become more porous tend to be more permeable and the enamel becomes worn causing our teeth to absorb dark colors from beverages and food we consume. Good mouth hygiene can be an assist but it will not prevent the destruction caused by the aging process so it is advisable to regularly have your teeth checked and cleaned by a professional.

Connor Sullivan visited a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic dentistry practice on his last trip to the south when emergency care was needed for a member of his family. He visited a Fort Lauderdale dentist on his last trip to the south to study what new techniques are being used.