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Flexi Bar Pro (putney wandsworth, Price: £30)

Flexi Bar pro for sale for 30 pounds ono. I purchased this from new worth over 65 pounds and it is practically brand new. Details of the Flexi-Bar are below Flexi-Bar can be used to supplement any type of workout or fitness regime ranging from serious exercisers to beginners who are just starting out. The great thing about Flexi-Bar is its versatility you can use the Flexi-Bar Pro for all levels of fitness. It allows you to grow you dont need a new stronger Flexi-Bar as you get fitter you can keep using the same one Whether you are using it as a whole body workout abs workout or even a Pilates workout Flexi-Bar is unbeatable for its effectiveness. The best thing about training with Flexi-Bar is that you only have to commit to 10 mins 3 times per week. When you are using vibratons to train your muscles your workout is cut in half and this is why using vibration training is so popular right now its safe effective and delivers results in a fraction of the time required with other forms of training.