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Finding Unique Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

You’ll be wearing a diamond solitaire engagement ring for hopefully the rest of your life. It might even be a symbol of your love and the first impression people have of you as a couple. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get high style. It will be a staple in your wardrobe so make sure that it represents you. A ring can be classic but still tell the world who you are.

You don’t need an expensive big diamond to make a statement; look to the band. You can turn a white diamond into a trendy look or give it a vintage feel depending on the setting. For an antique air look for intricate carved details or filigree work. There is even an antiquing process that can make the gold seems as though it’s a real vintage piece. If you want a contemporary look then stick with a diamond with clean lines like a square. Straight, defined lines are a trademark of modern style. The band should be simple without adornment. A bezel set diamond is close to or flush with the band so it won’t snag your sweaters as much. If bling is your thing then find a band that has diamonds all over it; even on the sides. The setting makes a big statement without spending a lot of money.

A solitaire ring typically has one stone in the center, that’s why it’s called a solitaire of course. You’ll want to get the cleanest, brightest diamond you can find so that one stone really makes a statement. You can also play around with the cut of the diamond if you want something different. Try a pear shape also sometimes called teardrop for a vintage style. A round diamond is traditional.

Another way to make your ring stand out from all the different engagement rings out there is to change up the color of the metal. White gold will have a contemporary feel but will also be subtle. Yellow gold will contrast against the diamond. Rose gold will give a vintage feel and will also be something that most people haven’t seen before. However, you’ll have to talk your fiance into getting a rose gold wedding band if you want a matching set. You’ll need to think not only about your engagement ring but about the direction you want your jewelry to go in during the rest of your life because any future purchases will need to match this ring

A diamond solitaire engagement ring shows your own design aesthetic and also reflects on your marriage. Make your band stand out from the ones that people see everyday. Don’t let your wallet limit you from getting a ring you adore.

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