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Finding Out What Your Image Says About You

We have all heard the saying, Dont judge a book by its cover. However, in today’s social environment, a person’s outward appearance defines various aspects of their character. Your image presents a self impression that is first recognized amongst all other things including: personality, lifestyle, level of professionalism and social values. The following information will address why your image is a powerful communication tool and how an image consultant can help you achieve a positive appearance.

Clothing can be used as a display to showcase your personality. For example, a person may consciously or subconsciously choose to wear a “busy” or colorful outfit because they have a “loud” personality. This would allow them instant notification by whomever they come in contact with. On the contrary, a more submissive personality may choose to wear a more subdued ensemble. This subdued outfit may contain a dull color scheme because they would prefer to go unnoticed, or blend-in with the crowd. Persons may sometimes go overboard on either extreme because they do not consciously recognize what sort of image their clothing and make-up may portray to other people. In these situations, an image consultant’s advice would be ideal to explain how to utilize your wardrobe in order to match the particular social interaction you may encounter. For example, if a person is going to be attending a formal business gala, they may want to consider dressing in a subtle manner so that their clientele concentrates on that person’s personality and message, rather than on an outlandish outfit. An image consultant can help individuals brand themselves in a positive way which will communicate professionalism.

In a professional sense, clothing can quietly advertise what type of employee they may be. For example, say a person attends an interview with slouchy clothing, untamed hair, and tennis shoes. An employer may interpret the way they dress as laziness, carelessness, and disinterest in professionalism. However, the leniency of an employer may depend on the type of company. A graphic design firm may allow casual day wear, whereas a law firm only permits business professional at all times. Another example is if a person is attending an interview, who typically wears very obnoxious and over-loaded ensembles. They may need to be advised to tone down their outfit to: a simple color scheme (no more than 3 professional colors, i.e. navy, white, and gray), one accessory, neutral colored make-up, and conservative clothing styles. This will in turn convey to their potential employer that they are a polished, calm and collected professional, upon first impression.

Individuals unaware of their clothing choices and outward image may be hindering their ability to associate within certain social circles. A personal image consultant can help you pursue a particular image that is universally appealing. You never want to pigeon toe yourself into a corner. When you are trying to meet new people, applying for a job, or going on a first date, your image should be inviting and your body language should follow! The bottom line is, If you dont focus in your image, nobody else will! If you are determined to own your image and market yourself in a neutral way, you should seek the help of a professional image consultant.

Communicating a professional statement goes beyond just dressing the part. Often, people think that if they wear a suit it makes them look polished. This certainly is not the case. Professionalism is a combination of clothing attire, attitude, confidence, communication, and body language. The suit certainly does not hurt unless it doesnt fit you properly or is outdated. My Image Expert, a leading New York based image consulting firm offers clients custom made clothing along with their image services. They also offer career coaching classes, etiquette seminars, and small group sessions on how to dress for success. My Image Expert takes image consulting to an entirely different level by managing each clients complete image and presentation. Most image consultants teach their clients the fundamentals of dressing their particular body type, so that selecting complimenting garments becomes an effortless task. Working with an image consultant makes it easier for clients to step out of their comfort box and to take risks with their overall appearance. On the search to reach their full potential, many people now turn to the image experts to help improve their overall image and style.

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