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Feeling Sexy with Designer Handbags

Ive been hearing a lot lately about sexy. Every time I turn around someone is saying that this celebrity is sexy, or asking if I think that person is sexy. Its made me stop to think about what sexy is. What is sexy? When I surveyed a number of different women and men, their answers were all different. I showed ten different men a photo of the same woman, and while some said that she was sexy, others said that she was not. I asked women the same question of a photo of a particular man, and I received the same answer. Is sexy something that is defined by the mind, or is sexy something that is defined by society? Can just carrying around a designer handbag make you sexy, or do you have to have a certain look before youre considered sexy?

In the Mind

One of the most common answers I got from both men and women when I asked them what was sexy to them wasnt what I thought it was going to be. I assumed that men would say that they liked a womans lips, or women would say that they liked a mans biceps. In reality, however, most of them said that what they really found sexy in a member of the opposite sex was confidence. They claimed that a woman or man who held themselves confidently, and who felt sexy themselves, was a woman or man who simply was sexy.

This was actually a revelation to me. Ive been in the fashion industry for a very long time, and in this industry youre trained to see beauty in the face or in the form. I hadnt thought about beauty in the mind. But its true. If youre feeling good about yourself, and are feeling confident in your sex appeal, you automatically appear more sexy to another person. If, however, youre having a bad day and feel unsexy, you likely appear that way.

How to Feel Sexy

So how do you feel sexy on those days when you just dont feel attractive at all? One way to do it is to dress sexily. Dressing sexy can make you feel much more confident in your looks. Putting on a bit of makeup and having your favorite designer handbag over your shoulder is an excellent way to appear extremely attractive.

If Im having a dowdy day, one bag that I look to in order to pick me up is the Fendi Logo Clutch Mix. Having a clutch designer handbag always makes me feel a bit sexier, maybe just because you have to hold onto it, and the Fendi bag is seriously sexy to me. It features a beautiful and unique design on the front and is just seriously sexy to me. If youre having a dowdy day, what do you use to help you to feel better?

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