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Feel Beautiful Every Day With Professionally Applied Hair Extensions

Common knowledge regarding hair extensions says that they’re only for celebrities, or perhaps for special occasions. However, this is changing. More and more people are visiting expert salons for the beautifying effects of professionally applied extensions. These additions are made of real hair, and they are excellent for looking beautiful every day.

The plastic-looking synthetic strands of yesterday may still be used in cheap clip-on products and at some discount hair parlors, but today’s cutting edge stylists utilize the latest damage-free techniques to apply small sections of real hair that is perfectly matched to your natural hair’s color and wave pattern. This results in an amazing transformation. Hair becomes thicker, longer, and more glamorous, yet it still looks completely natural!

Experts agree that human remy hair makes the best extensions. In remy hair, the cuticle is preserved and the strands are all aligned the same direction from cuticle to tip. Remy hair looks the most natural, is easier to care for and can be styled much the same as your natural hair. If you opt for a longer style, you’ll have many options for everyday and formal occasion wear. Hair with extensions can easily be worn in a casual ponytail, an elegant updo, or left loose to flow down your back.

As more and more people want this hair enhancement option, an increasing number of salons are offering hair extensions. However, many beauticians don’t have enough training and experience to attach the hair correctly. Discount salons may use older methods that cause terrible damage to your hair, or synthetic strands that don’t look natural and quickly begin to show wear. Putting in extensions yourself is also a bad idea – you may very well end up with considerable hair damage that could require costly treatments to repair.

Professional and reputable stylists that feature this service possess the expertise, knowledge and training to add volume, length or whatever you desire without any damage to your hair. When it’s time to take the extensions out, all that will be required to restore your natural tresses after removal will be a simple split end trim. You’ll be happy to know that an expert application can last 3-6 months, depending on how well you care for your hair and how rapidly it grows out.

Extensions are desirable for many different reasons. Some people have fine or thin hair that they wish to look thicker, while others want long hair and don’t want to wait for their own hair to grow. Some have straight hair and would like curls. Extra hair can even be applied to very short or sparse hair, making them a great option for nearly anyone who wants fuller, thicker, or longer hair than what they naturally possess.

Just because you’re not famous doesn’t mean you can’t have hair like a celebrity. Your experienced stylist can advise you on the perfect extensions for the styles that will suit you best, and will be sure to show you the right methods of caring for your long lasting, glorious new hairstyle to keep it beautiful every day.

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