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Fashion Guidelines That You Might Consider On Some Points

Where do fashion rules come from? Is there a fashion board that decides what we should and should not wear, or what ‘goes together’ and what looks bad? Not hardly. The rules and lists we read to guide our fashion choices are produced by fashion columnists and editors as part of the business of selling magazines and drawing an online readership. Take this into account when making your choices, and consider the rules more like guidelines than absolutes.

Consider breaking them from time to time. It has been said that a little bit of bad taste adds spice to a wardrobe. Instead of striving to maintain the fashion status quo, violate a few of the rules below to add some impact to your style.

Your colors should not clash: What a limiting belief! People often think that there are colors that you should wear together and colors that “clash” and should never be combined. This narrows your choices considerably. Instead, why not indulge in unusual combinations from time to time?

Some colors fit together easily while others do not look good together at all. You’ll want to stay away from the extreme end of clashing, the colors that actually look horrible together (pumpkin orange and lime green, anyone?). Still, if you push right up to the line of seriously clashing and you combine your colors in unusual pairings, you’ll find that these brave choices set you with the more fashionable dressers.

Wear bright jewelry only at night: This rule is not necessary – your jewelry will not be damaged by sunlight. Wearing a piece during the day should not cause harm.

It’s not something you want to do all the time, but occasionally breaking out the ‘evening jewelry’ for daytime wear is an easy way to add a stylish twist to an outfit.

Play up eyes or lips, but not both: Many women believe that you can wear striking eye makeup but then need to have a neutral lip, or if you wear a colored lipstick you should be very light with the eye makeup. But there is no reason for this caution.

Add color to both lips and eyes, but use a lighter hand and make sure the colors you choose fall into the same color group.

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