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Fashion and Ladies Golf Attire

I picked up one of those ‘Golfing for Women’ type magazines the other week and got to asking myself where these women actually live, who buy the golf apparel shown in women’s golfing magazines? I have never seen women, not even the pros, wearing such expensive and flamboyant clothes.

It’s easy to spend money fitting yourself out for golf: hats, sunglasses, gloves, shirts, shorts, socks, windbreakers and shoes all add up quickly, even if you shop at the sales. Then factor in equipment, bag and cart and you have to play quite often to keep the “CPU” – cost per use down to an acceptable level.

One half-page glossy advert showed a beautiful young ‘golfing lady’ in very tiny hot-pants (as if that’s admissible on golfing greens!) that cost nearly $300, a golf shirt at almost $600, a jacket by Ralph Lauren at almost $200 and two-toned Utuser shoes costing $400 plus.

That comes to almost $1,500! I know that I could never hope to get the CPU on that outfit down to anywhere near an acceptable level in my lifetime! Don’t get me wrong – I love clothes and I really love shoes, but could never afford, or even want, golf shoes or pants that cost more than most people’s weekly wage.

OK, you need comfortable golfing shoes that don’t look like an old pair of wooden clogs, but honestly, you will be able to buy less expensive and yet still trendy golfing shoes.

I have a couple of really stylish golf outfits, although none of them are famous brand names. If I totalled up the cost of all of those articles of clothing, it would not come to the cost of a Tse golf shirt. Personally, I would prefer to have several nice outfits than one that is priced over-the-top.

If I were to wear a $1,500 outfit to play golf in, I would just be too worried about getting it dirty or sweating in it to play a decent game of golf.

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