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Facial Wrinkle Treatment – Does It Work?

One of my most avid interests is skin care. When I was younger my closet was filled with at least one thousand dollars worth of skin care systems. This was when I only make a little over ten thousand a year!

I am now moving into my mid-years, being born smack in the middle of the “baby boomer” generation. The good news is I am regularly taken for about ten years younger than I really am. I feel no guilt here. I work that this.

There are simple and basic principles to follow if you want to look younger than your age. It amazes me when I see someone who smokes going to buy the latest beauty cream. That’s like earning a hundred thousand dollars then turning around and gambling it away in a casino. Stop smoking if you do. That alone will peel ten years right off of your face.

In addition, avoid the sun, excessive caffeine, alcohol and processed foods. Exercise is a miracle for facial wrinkle treatment. It increases your blood flow, improving your skin.

When I started regularly exfoliating my facial skin, I really started to see results. As you get older your skin does not shed its dead layer as often as when you are younger, so adding this into your facial skin care routine can really make a difference.

There are two ways to exfoliate. One way is chemically. I use a product high in retinal, which a dilute by mixing it with some moisturizing creams. Every so often I see a light layer of skins peeling off my face because of this.

Salicylic acid is another chemical peel which can reveal fresh skin after its use. I have tried it, but prefer retinol. This brings up another point. It is important to experiment a bit until you find what works for you.

A physical way to exfoliate is to use finely ground corn meal. I mix it with my facial cleanser and use on my face once a day. I keep it away from my eyes as it is too harsh for that skin. When I am done my skin is glowing.

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