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Fabulous Clothing And Jewelry Combinations

Of course, there are many kinds of clothing and jewelry. People put them together in many different ways, and have many different styles. Some people like to have mismatched clothes and enjoy strange outfit and jewelry combinations. However, if you are looking for a classic look, the following suggestions can help.

A major rule regarding the matching of clothes and jewelry is that the clothing color should at the very least be similar to the jewelry color. For instance, blue shoes can be paired with a blue necklace. A pink shirt may be paired with pink earrings. Your yellow dress with sleeves can look better with a golden bracelet. Jewelry also oftentimes has a variety of colors, which should go with one article of clothing at least.

While matching is great, it is not so great to wear one color only. A black dress and black heels is a good combination, but colorful jewelry or pearls can really complete the outfit. They can make your look more lively. When you wear a colorful outfit, on the other hand, consider wearing elegant silver jewelry or even no jewelry at all.

If you do not have jewelry that matches your outfit, you can instead coordinate it with the outfit. If you are wearing a black dress, you can wear a white bracelet. Colors can match or they may completely clash. Red and purple are two colors that are often considered clashing, a rule that the Red Hat Society purposefully breaks all the time. If you want to match, though, you can look out for clashing colors.

Sometimes metals are a part of clothing, and they can clash with jewelry. When clothing has silver or gold (colored metal), it is good when it matches jewelry. Basically, silver should go with clothes that contain silver, while gold should go with clothes that contain gold.

Not only should clothes and jewelry match, jewelry should also match with other jewelry. For instance, if one wears pearls, they should go with other classy types of jewelry. Diamonds or faux diamonds can pretty much go with everything, on the other hand. Jewelry that has a color can be combined with jewelry that is the same color, or jewelry that matches it.

Also, it is important to consider the type of outfit that you are wearing when picking out jewelry. A very colorful dress or shirt can make you pop, but combining that with too much jewelry and your outfit can look tacky. A general rule is to dress up a simple outfit but dress down a vivid or colorful patterned one. This means wear a few pieces of fun or pretty jewelry with a basic outfit (like a beige suit) and little or no jewelry with a complicated one (like a bright floral dress).

These suggestions are just that – suggestions. They are for those who are not all that familiar with clothes and jewelry pairings. Some people prefer looking mismatched and unique so that they can show their individuality. However, if this is all that one wears they will probably not look appropriate if they go to a job interview or formal event. Thus, just about everyone can utilize these tips so that they can get a classic look when it is required.

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