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Expensive Cosmetics – Worth The Money?

Some type of cosmetics have been in use since the dawn of man. Even Cleopatra, one of the most powerful female rulers who ever lived, is better known for her imaginative use of kohl eyeliner than her international diplomatic policies.

During the Middle Ages, wealthy society men and women used cosmetics – heavily! The most popular was white powder which was put on wigs, faces, and any area that was exposed. Add some red rouge on the cheeks and lips, and the effect, nowadays, seems quite comical.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and everyone who could get to the corner drug store was wearing cosmetics even if it was only mascara and lipstick. No longer limited to what someone could make at home in the kitchen, cosmetics became mass produced in such quantities that even ladies in rural areas without plumbing had heard about the newest creations of Maybelline and Max Factor.

Makeup didn’t really become a household name until color movies became the norm. When moviegoers could see their favorite stars up close and personal, they were amazed at the colors they saw on their faces. The brows, the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. They were gorgeous! And every woman wanted to look just like these beautiful starlets. The cosmetic companies to the stars – Max Factor and Maybelline – made sure that would be possible.

New names in cosmetics were all over. Even the drug stores brought their makeup from in back to out front, with prominent displays for all to see. Big names like Estee Lauder quickly became mainstays in large department stores that realized that mega amounts of first floor space needed to be devoted entirely to high end cosmetic lines.

Of course, as with most products, there comes a point where some of the options simply become so expensive that we need to step and say, “What exactly am I paying for?” When an ordinary foundation can be had for under $10 at the drug store, or a similar product that sells closer to $75 at the local department store, which one is really worth the money?

Ingredients might be different, but are they really better? When the original cosmetic companies are still selling exclusively in drug stores and mass merchandisers, there’s no wonder that some women are reducing their high end expenditures at the fancy counters and heading back to the drug store to buy what they need at lower prices and excellent quality.

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