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Exercise: Risk Factor for Acne

A number of us who have acne are also very active. We participate in sports at school, workout at the gym, etc. We like to exercise any time we have the opportunity to do so. The unfortunate fact is that exercise and acne sometimes come hand in hand. The perspiration that ensues after periods of intense physical activity can lead to body acne and facial acne down the road.

We live in a society that places immense emphasis on physical appearance, and as a result, most of us wouldn’t dare to tread shirtless along the beach for the world to see our back acne. If you would like to continue working out without having to face the threat of acne breakouts, we have some tips for you to follow. If adhered to closely, they will drastically reduce your susceptibility to breakouts.

Sweat that results from exercise is our main area of concern in preventing acne. The odor which is commonly associated with perspiration is produced by the bacteria found in the water-like residue, include p. acnes bacteria. To keep these contaminants from wreaking havoc, you are strongly advised to take a shower right after concluding your exercise session. The less time the sweat is allowed to stagnate on your back, the better. If you are unable to shower for whatever reason, at least change into clean clothes which aren’t drenched with sweat.

Sweat also has an indirect effect on acne by encouraging us to touch our face following intense weight lifting or running. Of course, we don’t think twice about where our hands have been before doing so. Perhaps, they were on those dumbells that ten other people had used prior to us. Or maybe they were on that basketball which touched the floor and other dirty hands. If you want to stay acne-free, you need to resist this impulse to touch sweaty skin. Use a clean towel if you must, but never place your bare hands on any part of your face unless you know for sure that they are clean.

If you participate mostly in outdoor, exercise-related activities and like to wear hats, make sure you clean them once in a while. They can cause acne around your hairline from accumulated amounts of sweat. Hats can also transfer oil from your hair onto your skin, so this is another area of concern. These problems can be mitigated with regular washing.

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