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Every Citizen Gets a Vote

Among the founding ideas of our method of government is “one man, one vote.” The implication is the fact that every single person will get a single vote in every election knowing that each and every vote will have the identical potential impact on the actual end result of the election as every other individual vote.

The implication is usually that, in an ideal community, absolutely no person is ever going to be refused their right to that vote knowing that all will certainly be in a position to and can willingly participate in the right of voting for his or her chosen officials unhampered, publicly and eagerly.

Now, right off we can certainly think about exceptions to just how this old adage breaks down to in actuality that can lead to us to second guess the credibility of the “one man, one vote” principle. But we shouldn’t allow that to happen. Notwithstanding the weakness found in the system of governance, the democracy guaranteed by the system should be complete.

At the time that this thing they call “The Great American Experiment” got on-going, the system of election, voting and the ultimate rule of the people was just about untested at the national level in the way it was seen by the the framers of the constitution.

A great deal of the actual terminology which is so graceful inside much of our foundation documents like the Constitution and also the Declaration of Independence read just like philosophical treatises instead of writings grounded inside a hard fought consciousness of actuality.

But in anyway this is really a good thing It does show that the authors lived on the edge of philosophy in their time. And yes, The things they were accounting for in their writing of exactly how this good country should function was based on theory and founded on historical sources as opposed to immediate historical precedent.

But we only have to look at the outcome to admire that it’s a good thing that the founding fathers were wiser than they were practical.

We as a citizens were not too small to live up to the high expectations of our the framers of the constitution. Over the decades, amendments to the constitution were implemented, legal precedents were made and social attitudes changed so that a lot more of the nation’s citizenry gained the identical rights that all should have, to be in a position to vote in the elections of their country.

As these improvements to the original founding documents were implemented, phenomenal changes have came about that offer concrete proof that the vision of the fore fathers was indeed a thing that may well be a reality and not merely the philosophical musings of an informed few.

About the most evident social changes which has come together with the legal recognition of the legal rights of minorities and women to take part in the system is that the make-up of the us government has changed considerably and that for the better.

The 3 branches of government today can be nearly unrecognizable within the limited world view that came out on top when the country was created.

But today it is usual inside any state within the union to view black mayors, women in congressional seats or within the governor’s mansions dealing with all those obligations with the identical knowledge and logic that male leaders tried to display in previous decades.

These changes have had a positive effect not only on the fairness of how the government works but in the sense of enfranchisement all peoples feel for the affairs of the nation.

Without a doubt, because we today see women, Hispanics, African U.S citizens and people of all colour and persuasion serving honorably in authority, our policies are more fair and we’re very much closer to getting a government that genuinely does represent the people of the country.

Now we stand at a period when we could easily see a female or an African American in the highest workplace across the nation, the Presidency of the US.

And if that happens, we will see one more institution conform to the vision of the founding fathers where every citizen can participate at any level just as every citizen gets one vote.

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