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Educational Gifts That Will Boost Babies’ Intelligence

Nowadays, mothers not just fathers have to go out from their nest to find food for the family. Gone are those days where only the father will work while the mother will stay home and take care of the husband’s and children’s needs. Prices of goods, not to mention the basic needs of a person demands mother’s not just father’s to leave their babies behind and look for job to make a living. This situation means, babies are to be left only with the electronic baby-sitter or television and the nanny.

Note that babyhood is a critical period. It is a period when physical, intellectual, and emotional components are basic in this developmental stage. You will observe a totally dependent baby learning to roll over, to sit up, to stand tall and then to take the first step that presages the power of mobility.

Nannies then are supposed to respond to little being who at first was completely at the mercy of other people’s interpretation of his wants as he learns to communicate with tears, with smiles and eventually with miracle of words. Rapid emotional, social development is prevalent and so with the attitudes and behaviors of the growing baby. So again, the question is, what would be the best gift to buy for this helpless-growing infant, left in the mercy of the baby-sitters?

Psychologists had specifically warned on giving toys which are violent in nature such as guns and other objects or toys used for fighting and killing. One must take caution also in the kind of shows that the baby is watching since parental guidance is not possible for they are out for work.

You can observe especially in the rural-urban areas, where babies are placed in their crib in front of a television set. Thus, cribs then when you plan of buying one should be movable and adjustable at the same time, in accord with the motor and physical development of the baby. You have to consider adjusting it when he starts to crawl and slowly began to stand on his feet. Choose to buy pillows that have a fine fabric that will not cause skin irritation and suffocation. Buy also some crib decorations with black, red and white accents to aid the development of visual senses of the baby.

As to the kind of shows that they are watching, well, everything in the tube is moving…their eyes are set on it while the nannies are satisfied for they can attend to other household chores. But have you even considered the possible effects that it has on the baby? Or is it helpful on the developing baby? Gift-giver should think from this perspective. Consider highly educational CDs or interactive CDs. Violent films or aggressive films are discouraged. Films that will reinforce positive behaviors and attitudes are to be chosen. Buy Walt Disney film movies, magic english or Barney. These are some of the few which are available in the market. You just have to look for what is appropriate.

This is not to say that the presence of parents can be replaced with electronic devices or toys but rather, this will aid the parents in making their babies grow in the right directions… and for you dear parents… quality time is the best gift you can give to your children!

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