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Easy-to-Follow Advanced Obedience Training Tips

Advanced obedience training-don’t let the name daunt you anyone who is willing to exert patience can do this. It is one of the most fulfilling things you can experience with your pet. Not only will you enjoy the company of the best version of your dog, you will be doing Fido a favor as well. Successfully trained dogs are well-adjusted, confident and mentally quicker. You can leave him alone in a roomful of strangers without worry on him inflicting harm to anyone.

The most essential thing in training your pet is to make sure he understands the roles you both play in your relationship. You are the master and he is your subordinate. Once he realizes this, he will be more open to being taught by you. On the other hand, if you have not established your authority over him yet; you are in danger of raising up an overly aggressive dog which can be a menace to society. Don’t be harsh and unreasonably mean to assert your leadership. All you need to do is be firm and consistent in teaching him to submit to you.

You can affirm your leadership by speaking to him with a firm and authoritative voice. Say ‘Sit!’ and guide him carefully in the desired position. It will take a few tries in the beginning but it gets easier once your pet sees and understands the patterns you are setting in your teaching him.

The best, indeed the only way to train animals is through the reward and punishment system. Reward your pet with enthusiastic praise upon completion on a correctly executed command. Be consistent in remembering what he did to deserve praise and make an effort to praise him every time thereafter. Dogs can get confused with what is expected of him if you don’t praise him for the same thing repeatedly.

Conversely, admonish the dog strongly for bad behavior committed. Correction should be done as he is making the mistake so he will understand that what he is doing is not good. Reprimanding the dog also draws attention to the difference between what is wrong and what is right. For example, he finds dirt on the street and starts eating it. Scold him right then and there. Then bring dog food before him and encourage him to eat that instead. When he does, lavish him with praise.

Dog obedience training should only be done in 15 minute sessions for maximum efficacy. Be repetitive and consistent in the commands you teach him. Also, make sure you don’t keep a strict schedule in your training. If training is done only at a certain period in the day, the animal will put on the obedient mode during that time alone. Teach him in sessions interspersed throughout the day.

The stunts movie dogs do are complex and impressive. They also all started with Sit. Begin with the simpler commands and progress from there. Patience and consistency are your best tools for dog training. Use the same principles as you did in the earlier stages, and it will bring you success in the more challenging tasks in the future.

There you go, the basic and fundamental tools you will need in advanced obedience training for dogs. There’s nothing left to do now but start training!

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