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Earning Your Golden Shears as a Hairdresser

When one has been in the hairstyling business, they will often say they have ?seen it all? and ?done it all?. In true fact though the golden shears title can only be claimed if you have truly done it all like the following?

– Making the statement that the peach colored hair you just concocted will turn blonde and the client believed you and it did.

– You have gone through the pains of doing a spiral perm.

– You can do the 10-minute dash with hair roller sets

– Halfway through the week you did a comb out and got paid for it

– Went through the days of the 60 vol peroxide and bleach mix

– There was no such thing as retail in the beauty shop

– Those gallon containers weren?t javex they were perm solutions

– You weren?t sure which Rachel cut the client was asking for

– You were always looking for new and innovative ideas for example could you use serum.

– Your favorite recommendation was hot oil for deep conditioning

– Your hair dryer diffuse was a favored client item

– Using a flat topper comb was easy

– Every client opted for waxing

– Your appointment book consisted of weekly regulars now its only six lines

– You had have days off on Saturday

– You knew you were being creative with the rubber cap and its partner the crochet hook

– If you didn?t use Mousse then you weren?t up with the times

– Those disconnected haircuts just rubbed you the wrong way

– You used Demi Moore in Ghost as the fashion statement of haircuts

– You knew your weekly reps names off by heart

– You fondly recall Farrah Fawcett introducing the hour long blow-dry

– You knew your client badmouthing actions were safe when the client was under the dryer

– Making your own neutralizer was a breeze when you ran out.

– Color consisted of two choices being either blonde or mahogany

– You were a pro at using wax on a stick

– Your professionalism showed in your precision cut sales pitch

– Thinning out thick hair was a basic task with the thinning sheers

– The good old days of the setting lotion

– Your expertise in being able to do highlights with the foil method

– You never had to unplug your curling iron to save on electricity

– Having to come up with the explanation of why semi permanent and permanent color cost the same

– All of your clients walked out with the sweet smell of hairspray

– Scissors were the tools of the trade for shaving the base of the bob

– Playing hostess and serving clients cappuccino was the in thing

– You knew what your client meant when talking about the wedge cut

– Backcombing curly hair was the norm

– You never performed hair-coloring services on the men.

– If you can answer yes to everything on this list then you can probably truthfully make the statement, you?ve done it all!

– This is just an entertaining way to look back at the past when it comes to the way hair care services used to be and just how far they have come.

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