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E-Cig Benefits Lead To Fast Sales For The Tobacco Alternative

Vapor volume and refill solutions are big topics of conversation in online forums devoted to electronic cigarette benefits and to e-cigarette disadvantages. Discussions continue in coffee shops and workplaces with e-smokers sharing personal experience and recommending their favorite brands.

When talking to a tobacco user, the electronic smoker will helpfully explain how e-cigarettes work and the importance of vapor volume and ease of use. Ads may be compelling but there is no better source of information about a product than the recommendation of someone who uses that product. Most people who use e-cigarettes today as an alternative to tobacco first learned about the best e-cigarette from an e-smoker.

Health benefits are obvious and there is presently no evidence suggesting long term nicotine use causes harm. It is not difficult to convince a tobacco user of the health benefits of e-smoking compared to the health risks of tobacco use. Though studies continue on the safety of nicotine previous studies have not highlighted nicotine as one of the dangers of tobacco smoke.

Considering the known risks of inhaling smoke laden with chemicals and carcinogens, the vapor mist produced by electronic cigarettes is clearly a safer and cleaner way to ingest nicotine. Though big tobacco has attempted to harm the competing electric cigarettes the claims of dangerous ingredients are easily dismissed by facts.

Chemical particles from tobacco smoke enter the body and coat the lungs with tar and carcinogens which can lead to cancer, heart disease and serious respiratory damage. More than 4000 chemical compounds are present in the smoke from burning tobacco. The cilia of the throat are smothered by a buildup of tar which renders unable to keep the throat clear of mucous as nature intended them to do. The toxins in smoke are not only from the tobacco but also from the hundreds of additives in cigarettes today.

The propylene glycol used to produce vapor of an e-cigarette has been listed as a safe ingredient for two generations. With only 20 ingredients, all of them approved as additives for human consumption, clearly e-cigarette benefits are clear when health risks are considered. There are no dangerous or carcinogenic additives and no tar is present in the vapor of an e-cigarette.

The question most asked by smokers when talking to an e-smoker is whether the e-cigarette benefits include a satisfying and realistic smoking experience. Consumers can easily see the health benefits of this tobacco alternative but want to know if e-smoking can truly replace tobacco.

Also of interest is the flavor of e-cigarettes. It the flavor is unpleasant or leaves an aftertaste, the e-cigarette will be a novelty rather than a true option. If the product requires frequent taking apart for refills and cleaning or clogs easily, using an e-cigarette may be more trouble than it’s worth.

The rapid increase in sales of electronic cigarettes is an indication of the number of smokers who are anxious to try this tobacco alternative. If you buy the best e-cigarette you will be in a better position to evaluate e-smoking than by trying cheaper brands. Innovative products such as Green Smoke offer e-cigarette benefits without the poor vapor, bad flavor or maintenance problems that are e-cigarette disadvantages present in cheap products.

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