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Drinking Rooibos Tea For Acne

Powerful and effective, Rooibos Tea, is able to prevent, combat and control acne. This tea is hands down, the BEST kept secret, when it comes to “holistic ways” to conquer acne.

If you suffer with mild or severe acne, this amazing tea will help you combat your acne. This is my best defense against acne, hands downnumber one! When I see I am about to breakout out, I simply brew myself a pot of tea.

You have a double advantage with this powerful tea, not only do you drink it, but you use it externally as well. That’s right, just spray some on your face a few times during the day.

Soothing, healthy, Rooibos Tea or sometimes called Redbush Tea, is grown in the high regions of Cederberg Mountains in South Africa.

* ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- You may not know this, but this AMAZING tea is an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and works wonders for people who battle with this type of acne. This is one of the main reasons that makes this tea so popular for those battling acne.

* POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT- Loaded full of powerful antioxidants, This African Tea is known to be more potent than Green Tea. This high quality tea gives your immune system a serious boost so it can fight the free radicals, known for breaking down your body’s ability to conquer acne.

See why I LOVE this tea so much? So, how much of this tea should one drink for their acne? I suggest you drink 2-4 glasses of this tea, per day. Depending on the severity, you may want to bump yourself up to a couple more glasses a day. At times, I drink up to 6 glasses of this tea in a day.

Don’t forget, it is so important to drink your daily intake of water. You will need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, plus your Rooibos Tea. When you do this, you are ridding your body of harmful toxins that contribute to acne.

Loretta is a past severe acne sufferer who has discovered many ways, (some holistic) to combat and control acne. You’ll want to visit Rooibos Tea Benefits For Acne to learn of powerful, proven and effective ways to live acne free. Don’t forget to stop by one of her free and friendly Acne Forums. The idea here is to help and be helped. Soon you will be on your way to acne free skin.

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