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Dressing for My Figure

In general terms there are four common body shapes for women. The Pear Shape, the Apple Shape, the Hourglass shape and the triangle shape. In this article we are going to look at how to dress the pear shaped figure.

The pear shape comes from the smaller upper body and slightly fuller lower body. Where the figure generally has a slender neck, narrow shoulders and back with smaller breasts, it is met with curvy hips larger bottom and fuller thighs to give it the pear shape.

How do I Dress My Pear Shape .

For the pear shaped figure it is best to raise the attention to your upper body with bright colours on top and darker shades below the waist. You want people to be focused on the face and shoulders, enhancing a larger bust and show off that defined waist.

Your bottom half is slightly larger than your top, you can wear slightly looser fitting clothes on top without any problem. However, fitted tops look great on you as well. Blouses with a lot of detailing, tops in all sorts of prints with lighter and brighter colours, or textured fabrics are what you want to look for in your tops. This will help balance your lower half.

Look for tops that give you a wider chest look such as necklines that are scooped, vd, squared or rounded this will help draw attention to your face. Jeans that are flared or with a wider leg this will help hide those wider thighs and stay away from tight skirts they will only show every curve or bump and tapered jeans are a definite no, no.

Wrap around dresses are the way to go in the summer months or empire waists this will help blend in the hip line. A- line dresses always go well with the pear shaped body and even jeans with a slimmer leg but with a thin high heel can appear the leg to be slimmer.

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