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Who Else Wants to Have a Dog Wearing Backpack?

Did you know that just like you and I, your dog can wear a backpack too?  It is true that dog wearing backpack is not something that you commonly see but now, there are stores that sell backpacks that are specially made for your best pal.  It is usually priced at around $80 and for that amount, you can start training your dog how to use it.

Your dog will most probably hate the backpack the first time he wears it but he will eventually get used to it and adjust.  A great tip for a dog wearing backpack is to immediately take him out for a walk and keep your pacing pretty fast.  Don’t give him the chance to stop and “remember” the extra weight that he has on his back.

Aside from being the center of attention because a dog wearing backpack us not a common sight, there are many advantages to teaching your dog to carry his own bag.  Here are but some of the many.

  1. Feel your burden lighten a great deal by letting your dog carry his own things in his bag.  You can place his food, toys, bowls and anything else he could possibly need for his trip.  That way, you share the load and you won’t get so easily tired when you go on trips with your dog.
  2. You know how dogs get so excited that they become difficult to control?  Bring your dog to a park for instance.  Don’t you just hate it when he starts pulling in one direction because another dog got his attention?  Instead of a walk in the park he ends up dragging you with his energy.  By giving him a doggie backpack, the chances of your pet pulling you becomes significantly less because his focus is shifted to carrying his bag instead of chasing other dogs or people around.
  3. With a backpack, you and your dog can go on more trips and adventures together.  You carry your gear and he carries his.  That would mean a lot less work for you so you would feel more confident tagging him along.  Besides, carrying the extra load (as long as it’s not insanely heavy) is a great way to exercise your dog.  Call it strength training for mutts if you must.

Teach your dog to wear his backpack and you will surely have more fun times together.