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What Every Dog Lover Ought to Know about Dog Agility Shoes

If you are a dog lover then you might want to consider getting into dog agility.  It is a sport that both you and your dog would enjoy.  Consider it your bonding and exercise time together.  Dog agility is a sport wherein you direct your dog through an obstacle course as you compete with other dog lover such as yourself.  It is not just about speed though but accuracy as well.  Your dog runs without a leash and you have to direct him or her without the use of food, toys and other incentives.  You can’t touch your dog or the obstacles either.  You can communicate to your dog only through your voice and hand signals.  If you’re thinking that it’s difficult, you are right.  Engaging into dog agility means countless hours of training your dog but once you’re he’s ready, you’ll discover that it is very much worth all the time and effort.  It is fun, engaging and rewarding.

If you have done dog agility in the past then you surely understand the importance of wearing the correct pair of shoes in order to win.  There are special types of shoes that are specifically made for dog agility because unlike sprinting, dog agility requires a lot of movements, lateral, sideward and a lot of stops and pauses along the way.  Hence, you need shoes that are ultra comfortable, stable and won’t give you discomfort as you run, dodge and be active with your dog.  It must have very good traction too because you wouldn’t want to slip or injure yourself in an accident.

You must wear the correct type of dog agility shoes if you want to win.  Your game performance highly depends on it.  You might think that it is an exaggeration but it is most definitely not.  Try long distance trail running wearing shoes that are too tight or too loose.  I bet you would not be able to last.  The sport of dog agility is fun and exciting because it is awfully fast.  Be kind to your feet and go for the win by wearing dog agility shoes.  It may cost you extra at first but it is most certainly worth it considering the long hours that you will spend preparing for the big day.  It is definitely worth every penny.

Get some exercise with your “best friend” and try this new and exciting sport.  Remember to use the correct dog agility shoes while you’re at it.